Many people know that pet is one of Alzheimer’s help. A lovely dog or cat can be a magical addition to any family. Dog, cats and other pets offer unconditional love, give us a sense of purpose and help fight depression. In other words, Pets can be a “lifesaver” for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.

For dementia people or patients with dementia, pets have positive impact .

  • Pets offer affection and “unconditional love.”  We will see how amazing it is a cat on the lap or a friendly dog evokes a smile and positive response.
  • Pets  provide an opportunity for meaningful chores. Our Mom can ask our Dad to take charge of the daily walk or be responsible for grooming the pet (with some supervision).
  • Pets  introduce fun into our life. As  our father watches the cat leap into the air to catch a feather, chasing a ball or meow at a bird through the window it brings back the often lost sense of fun.
  • Pets provide sensory stimulation. When our dad’s Alzheimer’s disease advances, we know that, it will become more and more important for him to get sensory stimulation. And having an animal in his lap for him to pet or to be by his side provides comfort and may even reduce agitation and anxiety.
  • Pets support opportunities for socialization. Our  dad may enjoy talking about the pet and learning information about the breed or animal from books or the Internet and discussing the pet’s personality. Basically, pets lead to a good opportunity for fun with young children as well since children are often fascinated by the exploits of animals.
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