Alzheimer is horrible. It is complex and heavy. And to first dealing this disease, at least, we need to know these 4 keys.

  1. Alzheimer’s is not natural thing as we grow old

Alzheimer’s or altimers is not normal forgetfulness. Everybody will notice our memory loss because it is also accompanied by confusion and mood changes.

  1. The main cause of altimers is problem with our brain

Altimers can be known as a collection of symptoms containing mood problem, memory loss and arising problem with our reasoning and communication. By this disease, our brain’s structure and chemistry change which in turn will lead to our brain cell dysfunction.

  1. Altimers or alzheimer’s is more than just losing our memory

This disease can affect more than memory problem, it can affect the way we think, doing things and speaking. We will face the difficulties to learn and plan new activities making our life more complicated.

  1. Although the disease is  unbearable, but yes, we can live well with it

Don’t be surprise that many alzheimer’s patients can do things like driving, having jobs, happily doing hobbies, and well-socialized. These can happen with family support and the right knowledge. Some people can even become rich, famous and enjoy their life.

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